Our lengthy development process is a dance with time, where images reveal themselves slowly, like carefully unveiled secrets. Each photograph is a testament to the patience and dedication we invest in capturing those unrepeatable moments. Explore our portfolio, where you will find a tradition to be created, a story in development, a gallery of moments captured in their maximum authenticity. At Zalamera Foto, we celebrate life through this reverence for analog, where each photograph is a masterpiece in itself.

35 mm film experiment

At Zalamera Foto, we have embarked on a nostalgic journey through time, a journey that has taken us back to the roots of photography. In a world driven by instantaneity, we have embraced the magic of analog, a rebirth of patience and passion. We welcome you to our special section, a corner where photography takes on a life of its own. Here, limited to just 36 exposures per roll, we have found a new way to appreciate life’s most important moments. Each click becomes an act of reflection and deliberation, an investment in the story we are about to tell.

Welcome to our experiment in time, where every click is a tribute to photography in its purest form, where patience becomes a virtue and passion is captured in every image. At Zalamera Foto, we are ready to share with you this evolving tradition, this celebration of life through the analog lens.